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How can I remove the blue stains that faded onto my white shirt after washing it with jeans?

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February 23rd, 2010

My white shirt go washed with jeans and now it has some blue on it. Is there any way to remove the blue stains? Bleach has not helped at all.

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Lyle W
Since bleach won't remove the stains, it is going to be difficult to get them out. You can try soaking the shirt in a white vinegar and water solution. Wash the shirt normally after soaking it for a day.

If the vinegar does not work, try making a paste of baking soda and water. Work the baking soda into the fabric with a utility brush. Let the shirt set for a couple of hours then wash it. This may remove the blue stains.

You can try making a paste out of Oxy-Clean powder and apply it in the same manner as described above. The Oxy-Clean is an oxygen based bleach that may remove the stains.

Don't mix the cleaning agents. Try one at a time.

If these don't work, then you will likely need to replace the shirt.
by Lyle W
February 23rd, 2010
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