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i have a craftsman garage door opener and it closes then re opens right away

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February 22nd, 2010

i just installed this in my home and it closes then re opens i tried adjusting the controls on the side of the motor i turn it a tiny bit then it doesnt close all the way then re opens i turn it a tiny bit the other way and it closes the entire way but re opens i tried adjusting the sensors and still no luck the sensors both have steady yellow and green light and both work if i break the beam

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Manage My Life
This indicates that either the draw bar arm is at a wrong angle or that you need to turn up the down force. The draw bar arm should be at a 30 degree angle or so to the door. To change the angle you can move the location of the 1/2" nuts that connect the curve and strait piece. If that is ok then you can turn up the down force on the motor unit. Never adjust it all the way up though. %/8 turn on the up and down force should be ok. Afterward do a 2x4 safety reversal test as outlined in the manual. Thanks BB
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by Manage My Life
February 22nd, 2010
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