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How to relight the oven?

The range was purchased last year prior to me buying my home. Not exactly sure which model I have. Initially, the microwave above the stove powered off....I then realized that a circuit breaker had tripped. The pilot light for the stove and the oven had both gone out. However, after resetting the breaker, the pilot for the stove automatically came back on but I cant seem to figure out how to relight the oven. I have read the instruction manual several times, but I cant seem to figure what the problem is.

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Joey S
Without knowing the model number of your Kenmore gas range I will only be able to provide general information. Generally speaking if you hear a clicking noise when you turn on one of the surface burners and then the burner ignites would indicate that your gas range does not have standing pilot lites. This would also indicate that the oven burner does not have a standing pilot lite. The ignition system for the surface burners and oven burners are electronic. The upper surface burner ignition system consists of an electrode and a spark module. When the surface burner’s valves are turned, it powers up the spark module which cause electricity to arc between the electrodes and the burner cap which ignites the burner. The oven burner ignition system most likely consists of a glow bar igniter and an oven gas valve. When the oven is turned on, the glow bar igniter will begin to glow and once it pulls enough current the oven gas valve opens and the gas is ignited by the hot glowing oven igniter.

If you have broiler drawer or a removable oven bottom, you can remove the oven floor or open the broiler drawer in order to see the glow bar igniter.

If the oven igniter does not glow, it could have a broke igniter or a failed oven control board or thermostat.

I recommend resubmitting your question with the model number for model specific instructions. The model number should be located either inside the microwave if the microwave is part of the range or along the oven frame behind the oven door or storage/broiler drawer.
by Joey S Earned 73,156 community points in Appliances
March 3rd, 2010
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