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Can I put gallons of vegetable oil on a brick patio to refurbish the color naturally?

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March 25th, 2010

I have a pool with a brick deck around it. It is probably 40+ years old. I tried to liven the color of the

bricks (sorta pink) a couple years ago with some rather pricy brick sealer, but that didn't last very long. In fact,during the rainy season, water sits in a couple areas of the brick deck, and that turns the sealer a milky

white. OK, so that finish has finally disintegrated, Today I used a Tire Spray on two vinyl chaise lounges on the brick deck. It was AMAZING. A spray, and ti refurbished the color of the vinyl immediately and I am thrilled. Can't wait til tomorrow to see how it looks a day later. I notice that the BRICKS below the chaise lounges ALSO received some of the spray, and WOW, it enhanced the color of the bricks like magic.

So, my question is: do youathink that applying OIL, maybe a gallon of vegetable oil from Costco, with a sprayer, would be an OK treatment? I'm sure it would need to be redone every few months, but that might be the cheap answer.

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Christopher Pope
I have never heard of using vegetable oil for sealing brick. I would not recommend it. You need a penetrating sealer to protect the bricks. I would recommend powerwashing the bricks, allowing them to dry, and then applying a sealer. If you like the "wet" look you can use an enhancer to bring out the color in the pavers.
by Christopher Pope |
March 25th, 2010
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