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Can I put gallons of vegetable oil on a brick patio to refurbish the color naturally?

I have a pool with a brick deck around it. It is probably 40+ years old. I tried to liven the color of the

bricks (sorta pink) a couple years ago with some rather pricy brick sealer, but that didn't last very long. In fact,during the rainy season, water sits in a couple areas of the brick deck, and that turns the sealer a milky

white. OK, so that finish has finally disintegrated, Today I used a Tire Spray on two vinyl chaise lounges on the brick deck. It was AMAZING. A spray, and ti refurbished the color of the vinyl immediately and I am thrilled. Can't wait til tomorrow to see how it looks a day later. I notice that the BRICKS below the chaise lounges ALSO received some of the spray, and WOW, it enhanced the color of the bricks like magic.

So, my question is: do youathink that applying OIL, maybe a gallon of vegetable oil from Costco, with a sprayer, would be an OK treatment? I'm sure it would need to be redone every few months, but that might be the cheap answer.

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Christopher Pope
I have never heard of using vegetable oil for sealing brick. I would not recommend it. You need a penetrating sealer to protect the bricks. I would recommend powerwashing the bricks, allowing them to dry, and then applying a sealer. If you like the "wet" look you can use an enhancer to bring out the color in the pavers.
by Christopher Pope Earned 299 community points in Home Improvement
March 25th, 2010
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Manage My Life
Hi, This is Froogle1 again. I'm new to this site and don't know how to respond to the chris Handyman who responded to my question, so it will just be here as another answer. Could you recommend a 'wet look" product that enhances the color? These bricks are 35 yrs old, so sealing them to protect them is sort of a joke. All I'm trying to do is liven their color. The Wet Look sealer we used got a milky film on it when wet. Finally that has dissapated after 4=5 years and lots of rain this season. I found a product that is about $75 a gallon at a specialty paint shop but I think it would get that milky look too when water sits on it. I am actually thinking the vegetable oil might be what I need since it won't turn milky when it gets wet. I'm sure it would have to be redone at least twice a year. Will test a couple bricks with a couple things and see what I get for results.. In the meantime, please keep making suggestions. THANKS.
by Manage My Life
March 25th, 2010
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