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Is there a demo mode for the Kenmore Elite HE5 washer?

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March 26th, 2010

I wanted to show the family how the new Kenmore Elite HE5 front load washer works. I would like to show them how they showed me in the store on the different washing methods of the unit. I remember the sales associate holding 2 buttons, but I can't remember which ones. Members of my family are thinking about getting the same, and they wanted to see it and I just wanted to be able to show them those features of these great appliances. Thanks!

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Lyle W
I am not aware of a demo mode on this type of Kenmore Elite washer. The washer at the store was likely being demonstrated without water so that it would go through the cycles without actually adding water. There is a diagnostic mode that will allow you run a short test cycle on the washer. This may have been what the sales person used to demonstrate the washer. The image below shows the procedures for entering the diagnostic test cycle. Read these procedures carefully before you use them. If this will help, you can use these test modes to demonstrate the washer.
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by Lyle W
March 26th, 2010
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