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How do I test my oven temperature sensor probe?

Hi, this is a follow up question. My oven has a F10 fault code. I now have the multimeter and would like more specific instructions. The model is either 790.96113402 or 790.961234. Thanks!It looked like it didn't go through. Sorry if I wind up writing twice. I wrote earlier about an F10 error, asking how I test the temperature probe. The service person told me to write back with the complete model number (above) and to buy a multimeter. He/she also said to write back, and someone would be able to give me more specific instructions on how to test the temperature probe and how to use the multimeter. I got the Ideal Resi-Pro Multimeter #61-310. I attached an image of it. The manual is very general, so I definitely need help to understand how to use it, including the instructions on what to do before each use (continuity test using the 3 point safety method). I attached a file with the panels relevant to the ohm measurements. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Joey S
Remove the oven temperature sensor probe and disconnect the two wires. The temperature sensor probe is likely removable from inside the oven cavity. Remove the two screws and slowly begin pulling the sensor out until you come to a quick disconnect plug. Disconnect the sensor plug and then insert one meter lead into the terminal of the temperature sensor plug and place the other meter lead into the other terminal of temperature sensor plug. Place the dial on your multimeter to 200K as shown in the image below. The temperature sensor probe should measure 1091 ohms plus or minus 5.3 ohms at room temperature of 75 degrees plus or minus 2.5 degrees if it's Okay. If it does not measure approximately 1091 ohms, replace the temperature sensor probe, part number 316217001. If the oven temperature sensor has approximately 1091 ohms then the oven control board will most likely need to be removed and replaced. The sensor probe can be ordered from

Sears Parts Direct

and shipped to you.
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April 2nd, 2010
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