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Why does my garage opener light flash 3 times and click 3 times, but the door will not go down when I push the wall unit button?

I have a Craftsman garage door opener. The model # is 139.53925DS I am also wondering if both sensors at the bottom of the garage door need to glow green or can one side glow green and the other side orange? I am trying to understand why my garage door light clicks 3 times and flashes 3 times and the door will not go down. If there is a short in the wiring, where do I look?

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One is supposed to be orange. If you can hold the wall button down and the unit works but not if it is simply pressed then it would be a sensor problem.

Take the opener off the door and run the door by hand. Check for balance and ease of operation. If there is a problem fix this first. There is an led light on the motor unit if it is flashing a certain number of times resubmit with this number and we can pin point it. Also check inside the unit and look at the large star gear for damage also look above the unit where the chain goes around the pully for damage. More than likely this is not an electrical or circuit problem. Thanks BB
by Manage My Life
April 7th, 2010
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