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How do I replace the primer bulb on my Craftsman mower?

I have a Craftsman mower model number 917.376552 that need the primer bulb replaced.
Sears sells primer bulbs online for Briggs & Stratton engines, but nothing is mentioned in my manual about replacing the bulb. There is a hole in my bulb. I don't think my mower is still under warranty.

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Mark Thomas
The primer bulb on a Craftsman lawn mower is what supplies the mower's carburetor with fuel. If the primer bulb is damaged, deteriorated or faulty, it will not supply the lawn mower with the fuel that it needs to operate properly. Luckily, you can replace a Craftsman primer bulb with relative ease in order to restore your Craftsman lawn mower to working order again.

Things You'll Need:

Craftsman lawn mower

Flat-head screwdriver

Replacement Craftsman primer bulb,

¾-inch socket set.

Step 1 Locate the primer bulb, which is mounted below the air filter of your Craftsman lawn mower engine. Remove the screw that secures the air filter so that you can get to the primer bulb with ease and remove the plastic cap from the primer bulb.

Step 2 Insert the tip of the flat-head screwdriver into one of the notches located behind the retaining clip in where the Craftsman lawn mower primer bulb sits.

Step 3 Press the screwdriver inward and then turn the handle of it so that the blade of the screwdriver pushes outward in the notch toward the primer bulb, which will cause the retaining clip to pop forward.

Step 4 Repeat the above process on the other notch to completely pull the retaining clip and bulb free from the engine.

Step 5 Position the replacement Craftsman primer bulb within the housing and place the new retaining clip (that came with the purchase of your replacement bulb) around the bulb with the notch wings pointing outward.

Step 6 Push the retaining clip onto the primer bulb with a ¾-inch socket set and tap the clip around the notches with the screwdriver to ensure that it is secured around the primer bulb.

Step 7 Replace the plastic cap back over the primer bulb and screw the air filter into place again.

Here is a link to order the


for your mower
by Mark Thomas Earned 5,600 community points in Craftsman
April 12th, 2010
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