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How do I hook up sensors on my garage door opener using the bell wires that are already in place?

I am trying to wire the sensors. If I run the red and black to the control (red to the red screw and black to white screw), the yellow and green wires are still free. I understand about the red and black wires, thank you very much. But I am wondering about the yellow and green wires. Do I run the yellow to one sensor wire, the white and green to the other one (the white and black stripe one) or do I just leave the yellow and green free not use and use all red and black wires for wiring sensors too? If I can remember, there are double wires up around the unit. There are 2 of each red, black, yellow, and green. Sounds like I need to twist the same colors together before entering into unit. Is this correct? Just wanting to make sure.

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Lyle W
You should have a set of bell wires (red, black, yellow and green) running from the door to the motor unit. You should also have a set running from the motor unit to the right side of the door and a set going to the left side of the door. On the set from the control to the motor unit, you only needed to use the black and red wire. The yellow and green wire will not be used. You can just ignore these wires.

When wiring the sensors, use the same concept. Pick two of the wires. You can use the same colors if you want (black and red). For example, connect the black wire to the white wire on the right sensor and connect the red wire to the white/black one. Repeat this procedure on the left side sensor. You will then need to connect the like color wires together and insert them in the motor unit as shown in the image below.

Depending on exactly how the bell wires run through the ceiling and the walls, you may have to cut some of the wires to configure them properly. You should have one run of bell wire between the motor unit and the control on the wall by the door. You should have one run of bell wire between the motor unit and one side of the door. You should have one run of bell wire between the motor unit and the other side of the door. You will not need 2 of the wires in each of the connections.

I hope that this more clearly explains the wiring connections needed to install your garage door opener. If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.
by Lyle W Earned 1,886 community points in Garage Organization & Shelving
April 16th, 2010
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