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garage door opener frequency change -- I need to disable the old receiver

by Manage My Life
May 23rd, 2010

I have a Craftsman 1/2 HP GDO from 08/91, model 139.53615SR. It occasionally opens and closes with no signal from me. I understand that the old 890MHz frequency is subject to military interference and that this is a known problem. Sears suggested that I buy the conversion kit to change to 815 MHz which I did: PN 953751. I installed it and it works fine: it's just that my old remote still controls the 890 MHz unit in the GDO and the new remote controls the new 815 MHz receiver. This is no good to me because if my local base is sending interfering signals on 890 it will continue to open the door. How do I disable the 890 MHz receiver so that all I have is the 815 unit? There are no instructions with the conversion kit.

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Manage My Life
Not to be critical but I believe you are talking about 390 and 315 mhz, just for your future dealings.

There really is no way to just turn off or disable an internal receiver totally. The internal receiver is part of the units logic board and can't be separated. Although you can take steps to solve this problem, I will help you.

First find the colored learn button on the motor head. Hold this button down until the led light goes out. This erases all old codes out of the unit. Now look for an antenna on the motor head. It looks like a wire just hanging off the motor head and will probably be colored. Cut this wire as close to the unit as possible. This will cut down the receiving range drastically to probably 6 ft. Do not cut the one on the external receiver. If this does not fix your problem then your only course of action is to replace the whole unit with another on 315 only, but I think you will be happy with the results. 390 was the frequency almost all the big players were using, so this problem is wide spread not just this brand. Thanks BB
by Manage My Life
May 23rd, 2010
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