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I have a Craftman lawn mower model #107277700. I have just repaced the hydraulic hose #1719557SM. what type fluid do I replace the fluid with.

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Joey S
Check the transmission oil level in reservoir. If low


10W-30 premium engine oil with a minimum API rating of SG/CD

. to the reservoirs. Be sure to thoroughly clean the outside of the reservoir before removing the cap. Even a small amount of dirt can damage the pumps.

If the transmissions are noisy, not responsive, or will not drive, you may need to bleed the air from the transmissions.

Before bleeding the transaxles, check the following:

Transmission belt slipping.

Control linage adjustment.

Brake adjustment.

Fluid level in both expansion chambers.

Transmission release valves open.

To bleed hydro transaxles:

1.Rotate the front wheels so that they are aimed backwards (as though the unit were driving forward).

Raise the rear end using a chain hoist or floor jack.

2.Support the rear frame with jackstands.

3.Start the rider and cycle the control levers from full forward to full reverse position every 15 seconds for 3 minutes.

4.Check the fluid level in the expansion chambers.

If the fluid level drops, repeat steps 3-4 until no more fluid needs to be added.
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June 10th, 2010
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