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why will my car will not shift out of park?

I can't get my car to shift out of park? I turn the car on press in on the brake and then try to shift out of park and the gear shift won't move. I can press the button under console then it will shift.

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Manage My Life
I had a 2004 Dodge Durango that had the same problem. We were traveling on vacation and stopped at a rest area. When we restarted the car it would not move out of park. I checked the brake switch and it looked like it was working fine. Called a Dodge Dealer who suggested it was a part inside the transmission and recomended I have the car towed to his shop. I then noticed that I had no brake lights. I was towing a small trailer and apparently the lights on the trailer malfunctioned and blew the fuse for the brake lights. As soon as I unplugged the trailer wiring and replaced the fuse everything was fine. I would have never thought a blown fuse would keep me from driving my car!!
by Manage My Life
April 29th, 2011
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