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Why is my kenmore water softener tank full of water?

Kenmore Water Softener Model No: 625.3485500 Super Capacity Genius
S/N: 6169 purchased on 9/29/1995.
Problem: No soft water and Tank fills with water half way and remains during and after cycle.
After troubleshooting ie., replacing rotor, inlet bypass valve, venturi and nozzle, various seals and o-rings and brine valve unit still does not provide soft water.
I have also tried removing water from tank manually and then startng a cycle, but tank just fills again doing that.
In the past after replacing parts the high tank condition would go down by itself after a cycle, but it is not doing that this time, the unit still does not work and I am stuck!?
Note: timer/switch seems to be working. Brine valve seems to fill correctly. Brine valve does not seem to draw a suction created by the nozzle and venturi however. I dont know . . . problem is wearing on me.

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Use a mirror and flashlight to look for any leaks around the valve on top of the resin tank. If there is a leak, it will fill the salt tank.

Since the water is not soft, either the softener is not regenerating or the nozzle/venturi is not drawing the brine water into the resin tank.

Dip as much water out of the tank as you can and use a wet vac to remove all the water from the salt tank.

Take the brine valve out of the tank and adjust the float so it will stop the water from coming into the salt tank at about 6 inches. Take the brine valve apart and clean the washers and seats. Be sure it does turn off when the float is up and doesn't let any more water out when it is down.

Set the softener in regenerate now and let 2-3 inches of water into the salt tank. Advance the gear to brining and remove the tubing from the brine valve. Place your cheek against the tubing and see if there is a suction. If there is not suction, clean the nozzle/venturi.

I hope this helps.
by Manage My Life
July 13th, 2010
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