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Why is my kenmore water softener tank full of water?

Kenmore Water Softener Model No: 625.3485500 Super Capacity Genius
S/N: 6169 purchased on 9/29/1995.
Problem: No soft water and Tank fills with water half way and remains during and after cycle.
After troubleshooting ie., replacing rotor, inlet bypass valve, venturi and nozzle, various seals and o-rings and brine valve unit still does not provide soft water.
I have also tried removing water from tank manually and then startng a cycle, but tank just fills again doing that.
In the past after replacing parts the high tank condition would go down by itself after a cycle, but it is not doing that this time, the unit still does not work and I am stuck!?
Note: timer/switch seems to be working. Brine valve seems to fill correctly. Brine valve does not seem to draw a suction created by the nozzle and venturi however. I dont know . . . problem is wearing on me.

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Manage My Life
Hi there,
While you wait for the expert answer, I found a web site that seems to have answers for most problems with water softeners. And it seems you have a manual but I added the link to your unit, just in case. I attached the links below. Hope this helps!
by Manage My Life
July 10th, 2010
Answered in 16 minutes
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