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Manage My Life

kenmore elite washing machine f-30 error code

by Manage My Life Last activity date:
August 5th, 2012

My washing machine is a KEnmore Elite quietpak 9 HE5T. I got it in Decemeber 2006. It showed a F-30 error code this morning and now makes a noise and won't start.

Kenmore , Washers
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Answers (3)
Manage My Life
I have this same error, but the dispenser arm is rotating and clicking fine. Could it be a clog inside the dispenser? How does it decide that it is failing?
by Manage My Life
August 5th, 2012
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Fred M
The F30 error indicates a problem with the dispenser. The error means the control can't advance the dispenser motor to the correct position.

This usually is a problem with the dispenser motor or the linkage is jammed.

The fist image shows how to remove the top of the washer to access the dispenser. The 2nd image may help you see the dispenser a little better.

There are some marks on top of the dispenser and at start up you should see the indicator cycle through the marks and end up on the 2nd mark for detergent dispense.

With the top off you might get a better idea of what is jamming the dispenser. Use caution running the washer with the top off.

The 8183186 dispenser switch/actuator or any part can be obtained from the following link:

Sears PartsDirect


I hope this information is helpful to you.
by Fred M
July 20th, 2010
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Manage My Life
Hi there,

Error codes are not my favorite thing. The appliance beeps, flashes, displays codes,it does not tell you what is wrong. I always keep my manual handy so I can look up the code and deal with it before it causes undue stress. I attached the link for Manuals below. If you have the model number handy, just click on the link and enter the number. This may help while you wait for the expert answer. I also found a similar question and added that link below as well. Hope this helps!
Answered in 9 minutes
by Manage My Life
July 18th, 2010
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