How do you find out what kind of critter is digging up holes in the backyard lawn? I get holes in the ground, and it results in small piles of dirt here & there

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July 22nd, 2010

Many holes/tunnels dug are located along edges of concrete sidewalks.

I reach down, sometimes see holes revealed, other times I pull aside the dirt pile but can't find a trace of an actual hole in the ground that leads underground.

I live in Castro Valley, which long ago was full of orchards, live a couple miles away from a creek. Maybe every 6+ months, I'll spot a deer or two. Rarely I'll find a possum or raccoon, most of the time I'll see birds, cats, dogs, squirrels. Holes look too big for birds to be digging f/worms/insects, fence/gates are too high for most dogs to get over into the backyard. Cats can get by but I can't picture them making so many holes. I'm guessing gophers, since I do sometimes find holes leading underground.

Note: They don't seem to fear the GrassSeed, WeedNFeed, Ortho poison on the lawns. Maybe those poisons/fertilizers never penetrate that low into the ground so as to bother/harm underground burrowers?

How do I find the culprits & get rid of them f/good?

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Manage My Life
We all like critters, we just don't like them destroying our yards and gardens. I found a couple of web sites that may prove useful. One for identification of your critters and the second has advise for what to do about it. Hope it helps!
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by Manage My Life
July 22nd, 2010
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