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Craftsman riding mower seems to be overheating

I have a 2004 Craftsman LT2000 Performance Series riding lawnmower after mowing for about 10 minutes, the mower starts to die as if it is chocking itself out as if it was not getting enough gas. If i choke it, it would run for a little while longer, but would eventually die out again. I replaced the fuel, fuel line, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel solenoid, and cleaned the carb inside and out. I changed the plugs and checked the coil for good spark. Everything seems to check out, including the vented gas cap. Tonight I noticed that the exhaust manifolds were glowing bright red after running for about 10 minutes. I can only imagine that they are burning too hot and maybe cause vapor lock since the fuel line gets too hot to touch. What is causing this? A LOT of people seemed to have the same problem with no idea how to fix this. Every time I google lawn mower dieing while mowing, 75% of the results are Craftsman brand mowers. Please help! It is not a lot of fun to push mow

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by Manage My Life
August 18th, 2010
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