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Manage My Life

my kenmore oven bake element wont work after replacement

by Manage My Life Last activity date:
September 6th, 2010

i have a Kenmore wall oven model# 911.47486890. I have replaced a bad oven temp sensor and a bad bake element. but the bake element still doesn't work. The broil element works fine when the oven swithes back and forth from element to element but bake element does nothing. What else should I check and how?

Thank you!!!!

Kenmore , Wall Ovens , Appliances
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Answers (4)
Lyle W
I don't have the internal component specifications for that control board. The normal fix for this situation is to replace the entire control board. Replacing the individual relay may or may not fix this problem. Without internal component technical data I not able to tell you whether it will work. I recommend that you replace the entire control board to repair this failure.
by Lyle W
September 6th, 2010
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Manage My Life
Well, I am pretty sure that it is the K5 relay, not the K3. The K3 controls the broil element. The one circled in green is actually labeled K5 on my board. Although, it is very hard to make out on the wiring diagram attached and on the diagram that came with the oven. Anyway, I removed the yellow wire from the K5 relay and connected it to the K3 relay (broil relay) and the bake element worked but not the broil. So, I figured that the bake relay (K5) is probably bad. After removing the control from the oven, I can not see any breaks or burnt spots on the back of the circuit board. I am left to assume that the relay itself is bad. I have found a very closely matching relay on ebay for about six bucks. I am wondering now if this relay will work. Mine is a Potter & Brumfield T90N1D12-12-17 047-00088-00. Mine has a four digit number at the bottum 9829. The one on ebay is listed as T90N1D12-12 and in the picture has a four digit number as 9725. Think it will work?
by Manage My Life
September 4th, 2010
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Lyle W
The wiring diagram for your oven is shown in the image below. The circuit for the bake element is traced in red. You could have a bad K3 relay on the control board (circled in green). You could also have a failure in the wiring of the bake element circuit that is traced in yellow (based on the fact that the broil element works. I recommend that you

shut off the breaker

for the oven and access the control board in the console. Open the oven door and remove the screws that secure the control panel to the trim that is underneath it. You should then be able to open the console and access the control board. I recommend that you check the continuity through the yellow wire on the Bake terminal of the board (BA)and the violet wire on the Broil terminal of the board (BR). This circuit is traced in blue. It will check the wiring and connections through the bake element circuit. You should measure between about 30 and 60 ohms of resistance through this circuit (with the breaker still shut off). If you measure an "open" circuit (volt/ohm meter reads Ol -- open load or infinite resistance) then you have a failure in the wiring of the circuit traced in yellow. If you get continuity through the circuit by reading the resistance described above then the electronic control board (part WB27T10276 or WB27T10276R for a refurbished board) will need to be replaced. The second image below shows a photograph of this part. You can order this control board from the

Sears PartsDirect


Be sure that you

shut off the breaker

for the range before accessing internal components.

If you need more help, submit additional details and we will assist you further.
by Lyle W
August 30th, 2010
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Manage My Life
It is very disappointing to spend the time making a repair only to have the same problem reoccur. While you wait for the expert answer, you can look at a similar question and expert post. If down the road you decide to have an expert technician diagnose and repair,an option is to visit Sears Home Services and use the handy scheduler. Hope this helps!
Answered in 17 minutes
by Manage My Life
August 28th, 2010
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