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I have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier and my low coolant light keeps coming on. When I add coolant, I can not see where it is leaking. What is the problem?

My dad replaced the head gasket on this car in February of this year and ever since then, it seems as if it has just been one thing after another. I have gotten my oil changed, a tuneup, etc... Now the coolant is disappearing quickly. My brother stated that it could be that the radiator needs flushing or my radiator hose needs replacing b/c he says that it is too soft. Also, I am not sure if the fan is coming on. My dad just replaced the fan a month or so ago. What could be the problem?

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2 Answers from these members:
afritz afritz
I don't really know much about cars but something that always helps me is going to my local Sears Auto Center and have them take a look at my vehicle. I have attached a link below for you to view while you are waiting on a response from an expert. Hope this helps!
by afritz afritz Earned 1,360 community points in Automotive
September 3rd, 2010
Answered in 17 minutes
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bikerbigpapa bikerbigpapa
The good thing about trying to find a coolant leak is it doesn't evaporate like water and when it finally does it will leave a trail from where it came. If no leak is present externally you could be burning it internally in the combustion chamber.The intake manifold gaskets could be leaking or even the head gasket again if the head was slightly warped. Look for white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe while the car is running or have your dad drive behind you a night and he should see a cloud behind you in his headlights if there is an internal leak.
by bikerbigpapa bikerbigpapa Earned 70 community points in Automotive
September 3rd, 2010
Answered in 4 hours
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