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How to install the door gasket on a Kenmore refrigerator.

Model number 1069550750 Part number 2188409A.

I need to know if you have to stretch the gasket out first before installing it?
And also how to installed it step by step

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afritz afritz
It can be hard to do things on your own especially without the assistance of a technician. A suggestion that I have is going onto Sears Home Services to schedule an appointment for a technician to go fix your problem. I have attached the link below. Hope this helps!
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September 30th, 2010
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Manage My Life
If you will look at the parts diagram for your refrigerator or go to

you can follow these instructions easier.

Items 8 and 32 are 2 of the 4 retainers that hold the door gasket to the door. Item 15 is one of the screws that hold the retainers to the door. The door gasket has a lip that fits under the retainer and the screws hold it tight. The retainers also give the door rigidity so it remains aligned to the frame of the cabinet. The retainers also hold the inner door liner to the door frame.

Before installing the gasket you should place it in hot water (a bathtub works pretty well) for about 1 hour. Dry the gasket and place it on a counter or table to cool off. Put the gasket in the position it will be in when you install it while it is cooling.

To remove the old gasket loosen all the screws (item 15) around the door. Don't remove the screws. Loosen them enough for the lip of the gasket to slip out of the retainers easily.

Clean the inner liner and the retainers while the gasket is removed. This is also a good time to clean the front of the cabinet where the gasket will seal. Any oil or grease on the cabinet edge makes the magnet seal weaker.

Install the new gasket on the door making sure the lip of the gasket is under the edge of the retainers. Snug but don't tighten the 8 screws in the corners. Flex the door so that the gasket seals to the cabinet all the way around.

Tighten the corner screws. Be sure you hold one hand behind the door as you tighten the screws. This will keep the door aligned with the cabinet.

Close the door and be sure the gasket is sealing all the way around. If the gasket is not sealing in an area, loosen the corner screws and realign the door. It is important the door be aligned before you tighten all the screws.

If the gasket is sealing, tighten the remaining screws. Keep one hand behind the screw you are tightening so you don't warp the door.
by Manage My Life
October 1st, 2010
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