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kenmore oven not working on bake

kenmore oven 362.7.91594 not working on bank -igniter has been replaced-had tech come out (not sears) and he said it was the ecu clock(i didnt see him test it) I need to know if it could be anything else or is this the likely cause and is this the most expensive thing on the oven to fix .I have called your parts and they are telling me that it is 149.99 plus tax -the tech that came out said that it would be 475.00 with labor etc.They said your part had to be put together and that it was a kit and that is why it was cheaper???? I am trying to decide if the oven is worth fixing.If I have your tech come out for 129.00---is there anything else they can tell me that might be even more expensive. P.S. -another parts place here where i live said the part is 389.00 thru them -what is your part so much less expensive?

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Manage My Life
When it comes to a household appliance we depend on in a daily basis and it starts malfunctioning it can definitely be frustrating for you. While you are waiting for the experts response I have provided you below a couple link to Manage my life that will be helpful to you. Hope it helps!
by Manage My Life
October 4th, 2010
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Lyle W
If the igniter is not glowing, you could have a bad electronic oven control (EOC) board (also called a clock). A wiring failure in the circuit or a bad safety gas valve could also prevent the igniter from glowing. If the original tech misdiagnosed the failure as a bad igniter, then it is difficult to trust a diagnosis that the EOC is bad. A voltage check is normally needed to determine whether the contact is closing on the EOC to energize the circuit. The tech could may also

unplug the range

and switch the wires for the bake and broil circuits. The range could then be reassembled and you can see if the bake burner will ignite properly when the range is set to the broil mode. If it does then this verifies that everything in the bake circuit (besides the EOC) is okay. In that situation, the EOC will need to be replaced. If the Bake burner does not ignite using the Broil contact on the board then you likely have a problem with the wiring or the safety gas valve for the bake burner. If the Broil burner works when connected to the Bake contact on the EOC then this will further indicate that the control board is okay. If the Broil burner will not ignite when connected to the Bake relay then you will certainly need to replace the EOC. If you are able to

unplug the range

and complete this test yourself, then you may be able to fix this problem yourself (especially if you watched the technician access the control board). If you are certain that the control board needs to be replaced, you can

unplug the range

and remove it yourself. Document the location of the wires before removing it (take a digital picture if necessary). Once you remove the control board, you can send it to the control board repair center that Sears uses (Core Centric Solutions). Here is a link for that company:

. That link has contact information for the company.

The reason that the control board is less expensive through Sears is that the control board would be removed by the technician and sent to the above company for repair. The control board would then be replaced in the range once it is returned from the repair center. The price for repairing the control board is $149.99 plus tax.

The safety gas valve (part WB19K14) is one other component that could have failed in the range if the igniter is not glowing. The cost of that part is around $200.

If you are able to diagnose and repair the range yourself, then you may be able to save some money and keep the range. I recommend that you carefully consider replacing the range if you are not able to repair it yourself.

I hope that this information helps. If you need more assistance, reply with additional details and an updated model number. The model number that you submitted appears to be slightly off. This answer is based on Kenmore model 362.7391594.
by Lyle W Earned 136,245 community points in Kenmore
October 5th, 2010
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