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kenmore oven not working on bake

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October 4th, 2010

kenmore oven 362.7.91594 not working on bank -igniter has been replaced-had tech come out (not sears) and he said it was the ecu clock(i didnt see him test it) I need to know if it could be anything else or is this the likely cause and is this the most expensive thing on the oven to fix .I have called your parts and they are telling me that it is 149.99 plus tax -the tech that came out said that it would be 475.00 with labor etc.They said your part had to be put together and that it was a kit and that is why it was cheaper???? I am trying to decide if the oven is worth fixing.If I have your tech come out for 129.00---is there anything else they can tell me that might be even more expensive. P.S. -another parts place here where i live said the part is 389.00 thru them -what is your part so much less expensive?

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When it comes to a household appliance we depend on in a daily basis and it starts malfunctioning it can definitely be frustrating for you. While you are waiting for the experts response I have provided you below a couple link to Manage my life that will be helpful to you. Hope it helps!
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October 4th, 2010
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