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My Oven will not light. The igniter glows but the gas does not come on. I tried lighting by hand, but still will not light.

Model # FGF337ASj. Top burners work fine. Oven will not light even when the igniter is glowing.

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The answers from Maira B and ggorgio have good information. I am sending you some information also.

Since the ignitor is glowing you know the control is good and the wires to the ignitor and gas valve are ok.

The problem can be caused by the oven safety valve or the ignitor. The ignitor has to draw 3.6 amps for the gas valve to open.

To test the ignitor you have to read the amp draw of the ignitor.

Connect an amp meter to the ignitor and turn the oven on. Leave the ignitor on for 1 minute and read the amp draw. If the amp draw doesn't reach 3.6, the ignitor is bad. If the amp draw reads 3.6 or higher, the oven safety valve is bad.

Ignitors fail much more often than gas valves do. If you want to take a chance and replace a part without testing, replace the ignitor.

The part numbers for the oven safety valve and the ignitor are:

22 628 3203459 $116.19 Valve,safety,

22 628 5303935066 $63.79 Ignitor,oven kit ,w/nut & instr
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October 7th, 2010
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