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I get an E2 error code when i try to operate my, Image 10.6 Q treadmill, and the manual doesn't tell me what that means...any suggestions? Model # is 831.297570

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The question Maira E sent answers your question if the motor does not start.

If the motor starts and stops then the display shows E2, the speed sensor is not sending information to the console.

This can be caused by a defective reed switch or the reed switch is out of position. The reed switch is mounted next to the front roller and is opened and closed when a magnet mounted in the front roller passes next to it.

The reed switch should be mounted within 1/4 inch of the front roller.

You can test the reed switch with an ohm meter. When the magnet is next to the reed switch the meter should read 0-1 ohms. When the reed switch is moved away from the magnet, the meter should read open circuit.
by Manage My Life
October 16th, 2010
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