Kraig Koelsch

I'm looking to keep cold air from coming in from under my doors.

I've always used towels and the like but is there something better and more convenient that I can use to help keep the cold air out. Keep in mind that I will be coming in and out of these doors frequently, the front door more than the back. Thank you.

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Manage My Life
I totally know what you mean when you say you need something that will stop the cold air from entering in your home. I did some research and I found a link while searching in Google that will give you instructions on how to make your own "door draft stoppers," to save a little money. I'm also attaching the link to Google with "door draft stoppers" that you can purchase. I hope these links are helpful to you on finding your answer!!!!! ehow.com/how_2077298_make-door-draft-stopper.html
by Manage My Life
November 10th, 2010
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