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Whirlpool ceramic stove top burner not working

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November 12th, 2010

We bought our house with a 30" Whirlpool ceramic top freestanding stove. The stove is about 7 years old. One of the four burners used to work "sometimes" and now doesn't work at all. I am looking for advice to help me decide if it would be more economical to have someone come fix it or just buy a new stove. I am looking for the possible cause (so I can check part prices) and whether we could easily fix it ourselves. Thanks in advance.

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Manage My Life
A stove is the most important appliance next to the refrigerator. So it must be working properly in order to go about your daily living. I found multiple links that may suggest reasons as to why your burners wont ignite. A suggestion I have is to provide your model number to get you more detailed information specific to your product. Just add to this thread. I hope this helps!
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by Manage My Life
November 12th, 2010
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