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why does my toilet whistle after flushing?

one toilet begins to whistle immediatly after flushing - the other as is fills

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afritz afritz
I understand that your toilet whistles when you flush it. I have researched your question and came across a great website that explains why it whistles. I have attached a link below for you to view while you wait on your response from an expert. I hope the link that I have provided you is useful.
by afritz afritz Earned 163 community points in Plumbing Tools
November 14th, 2010
Answered in 17 minutes
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Manage My Life
Thanks Alina - I will take a look and see if it helps.
by Manage My Life
November 14th, 2010
Answered in 1 hours
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Sam A
Thank you for your question.

I can understand not want the noise when the toilet is refilling with water.

• This is usually caused by the fill valve in your closet tank.

• The has a small flow hole in the valve and it will whistle or squeal as the water flows in the tank. If it is the float ball style, on this brand there may be an adjustment screw that adjusts for water level and flow control.

• If you take the tank cover off and locate the flow screw you might be able to adjust the flow control to make it quieter when it fills.

• If you cannot get it quieter, there are number of brands and models on the market that are almost silent when they fill.

I will give you a picture of one to look for if you decide to change out the valves.

Thank you for using Manage My Life.
by Sam A Earned 142 community points in Plumbing Tools
November 15th, 2010
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