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Cannot adjust oven flame in newly installed kenmore gas (lp) convection range

We just installed a new kenmore gas range (model #790-72903011). It was converted to use propane. We were able to adjust the surface units flames fine, however cannot adjust the oven flame. The flame is too big and too orange. Adjusting the air shutter does not change anything.

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Jeff, sometimes the orifice hoods are difficult to turn the last turn needed. I would remove both orifices, put some light oil on the threads the orifices screw onto and retighten.
It is possible to overtighten the orifices and damage the needle they mate with inside the fitting. I would finish the last turn or 2 with the flame on so you know when you have tightened the orifices enough.
by Manage My Life
December 16th, 2010
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