tire flat and away from the rim

have craftsman 22" snow thrower model is 31AS3CAD799 the left tire is flat and away from the rim cannot fill air what is the solution

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Manage My Life
The first thing you need to do is make up some soapy water (dish soap) and wash the wheel where the tire seats and the bead on the tire. You can leave the tire wet with the soapy water and that will actually help. Then, take some grease (any kind of grease will work) and put a layer of it all the way around the wheel where the tire bead will first contact it. Then, take a strap (or old belt) and wrap it around the radius of the tire. As you tighten that strap down, it will push the side of the tire out to where it contacts the wheel. Hold it like that and begin to put air in the tire. As the tire "catches" the air and begins to inflate, you can release the strap.

I found


where they demonstrate this method on a car tire. It's the same thing, only we're working with a much smaller tire. You don't have to use a ratchet strap like they use in the video, but that certainly does work well.

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by Manage My Life
December 8th, 2010
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