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Repair Kenmore stackable dryer bearing replacement

I am repairing the dryer on a stackable laundry center model 41790872990. The drum became loose and tore the plastic spacers off of the upper felt seal, which I am replacing, no issues. As for the cause of this I have gathered I need to replace parts 12 and 32 on the attached exploded diagram (bearing drum and bearing) I have attached 3 pictures of where i am stuck. I can not figure out how to remove the bearing (32) to replace or to get to the bearing drum (12) to replace it. The first picture is of the inside of the back panel. The second is a closer side view of the bearing assembly on that panel. The third is the back of the rear panel where you can see the 2 screw ends of the screws holding the assembly to the panel. I can not access the front of the screws/bolts because I can't get around the bearing (32) I can't see anyway. Please help! Let me know if you need more details...Thank you in advance! email me at boydconstruction@charter.net (ps I looked at your expert, Sam Anderson's dryer repair pictures, but my bearing does not come apart like the one he shows which is a full size one)

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It sounds like you are in the middle of a tough repair. I did some research at managemylife.com and found an expert answer to a similar question. I attached the link below. I hope this will assist you until your expert can help you.
by Manage My Life
December 8th, 2010
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