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How to override the auto defrost cycle on my Kenmore side by side fridge

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January 6th, 2011

Kenmore side by side fridge Model 106.59124801
I live off the grid and have more than enough solar power to handle this fridge except when it decides to do an auto defrost cycle in the middle of the night. At that point my battery bank can handle the surge but not the 21 or more minutes of 600 to 800 watt current draw. So I'd like to know what kind of timer or thermostat this fridge uses so that I can override it and make it defrost when the sun is shining. Or if nothing better then could I simply install a switch in the heater circuit and switch the thing off at night? Would that prevent the compressor from kicking back on because it's waiting on the bimetal strip to close? I do have a wiring diagram for this fridge but it doesn't answer all the questions.
Thank you for considering, what I'm sure must be, your most weird request for the day.

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Joseph Perez
I understand your concern toward wanting to make some adjustments to your refrigerator. While you are waiting for an expert answer, I suggest you look in your owners manual for and see if you can find some details of adjusting your refrigerator. Below is a link in where you can enter your model number and your owners manual will pop pop. I hope my link is useful.
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by Joseph Perez | Earned 1,506 community points in Kenmore |
January 6th, 2011
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