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I need troubleshooting help on my 10" Craftsman radial arm saw.

Craftsman 10" Radial arm saw, Model #10062. (1967)

My saw quit operating. My radial arm saw has power to the saw. Nothing happens when pushing the start button. I have pushed the reset button, but do not here the click sound. I was operating saw only moments before this happened.

Could this have something to do with the reset button, relay, or capacitor? How can I be sure what it is?

Need advice.


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Manage My Life
Manage My Life website is here to help you with needing help to troubleshoot. While you are waiting on an expert to answer your question, a suggestion I have is to add whole model number to this thread so you can get a better answer from the experts!
by Manage My Life
January 18th, 2011
Answered in 4 minutes
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Sam A
Thank you for your question.

Not having the saw motor turning on can be a concern when you are trying to complete a project.

Without the actual model number which should be on the frame of the saw I can only guess that this is an Accu-Arm model. The model number should start with a 113.294???

It does sound like the reset button has tripped.

If the unit is still hot it will not reset. Wait for it to cool and then push harder to get it to reset.

On some of those reset button it takes a lot to reset them.

It is possible that the saw switch has failed but you can usually feel or here a click noise and feel a positive action when operating the switch.

If you have a volt ohm meter you can ohm out the switch to see if it is good.

The other components are also a possibility; if it was the capacitor the motor would hum but not rotate.

If it was the internal relay contacts not closing it would act dead.

If this is the model I am thinking of the reset could of failed internally and be the cause. It should have 4 wires and number 1 is the black power in from the cord and 3 should go to terminal 1 on the relay and black 2 should go to the capacitor and 4 blue on the relay should tie to the other side of the line with green 2 from the reset and blue 4 from the relay and black from the capacitor to the white power cord line.

I hope this will help, and if you could find the model number I will be able to be more precise with the answer.

Thank you for using Manage My Life.
by Sam A Earned 21,915 community points in Craftsman
January 19th, 2011
Answered in 18 hours
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