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26HP Kohler tractor (917.276920) does not start.

My lawn tractor does not start. The flywheel spins with the turn of the key, but does not fire. Both spark plugs are firing and brand new. Fuel line is NOT frozen. Usage of starting fluid only fires about once and does not keep the engine firing for any length of time. I'm wondering if the fuel is being drawn in the engine or not. Is there anything left to do other than draining the fuel and replacing it, replacing the fuel filter, or taking the carburetor off and cleaning it? The mower worked fine for my last mow of the season before using it to snow plow, but a month later .... nothing. Any advice would be great.



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Manage My Life
Well, that would make sense. If you raise up/down on the seat the engine will kill itself and when you sit back down on it quickly it will usually backfire a little and then catch back up. I've had situations with a very light weight customer bouncing on their seat across a rough yard and it backfiring like crazy and ending up with a bent pushrod.

I'm glad you were able to get it back running again. If you do notice any backfiring try and make mental notes about what you were doing right before you noticed it. If there isnt anything abnormal about what you are doing it could be water in the fuel or trash in the carb causing it to backfire.

If we can assist with anything else, just give us a shout. Have a great weekend!
by Manage My Life
February 18th, 2011
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