John Whisenant

Weed Eater fuel tank repair

I need to repair the fuel tank on my 2 cycle Weed Eater with J B Weld, but I do not know what the fuel tank is made of or if the J B Weld will bond to it. I do not want to have to purchase a new fuel tank unless I have to.

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Kevin Bowley
I am glad it worked for you. I sometimes overreact on issues involving fuel. I once had a garden tractor start on fire while i was using it. It went up so fast that i didn't react as quickly as I should have. I was very lucky to have gotten off with only some hair singes before it was fully engulfed. We all think it cant happen to us, including me, but I received a scary lesson what a drip of gas onto the exhaust can do. It is very rare that it does ignite, usually it just evaporates but that time it got me. Hence my recommendation.
by Kevin Bowley
March 16th, 2011
Answered in 18 hours
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