craftsman garage door opener model 139.53663SRT will go up but not down ? 5 blinks on led indicates rpm sensor but i already replaced it and have same problem

Product Model Number: 139.53663SRT

Brand: craftsman

Message: my garage door opener will go up but it wont go down, the led

blinks 5 times indicating a bad rpm sensor, however i just replaced the

entire rpm sensor assembly. i have checked the wiring harness for

continuity between each end and also checked that the photo eyes are

properly aligned. the motor will kick on and open the door completely

until it hits the up limit however once it is at the up limit it will

not kick on to reverse and close the door, if i disconnect the power and

manually turn the drive screw to the closed position then re connect it

the door will open when i hit the button i just cant get the opener to

kick on to close the door. what would cause it to do this? and what can

I do to fix it? I have a digital multi meter where I could test it

myself however i dont know what the values should be for ohms

continuity etc and between where and where any help would be

appreciated. even if i had to buy diodes, resistors, or transistors at

radio shack and solder new ones to the logic board i could do that i

just need the information to properly diagnose which parts are bad and

causing the problem. i had ordered the entire rpm sensor assembly from sears parts direct and installed it. it seems as if the logic board is not recognizing the sensor or that its not recognizing that the door is at full open that it needs to reverse to close it. both photo eyes have steady solid green light s on them indicating they are working and properly aligned the door is not jammed or locked and the green light on the button is also steady green.

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Manage My Life
The wrong board could very well cause the problem. Do check what Bud suggested and that way all of our bases are covered.
by Manage My Life
January 24th, 2012
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