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Craftsman ZT7000 (model 107.27774) Mower Electrical Schematic

Following winter storage I couldn't get my Craftsman ZT7000 to start. Bought a new battery - still no luck. Ran continuity checks and found 12v present at starter terminal, then determined starter was frozen. Replaced starter and engine ran fine. Only wires disconnected during process were at the battery and at at starter post.
Now my mower starts and runs fine until I move the drive handles inboard, either one at a time or both simultaneously, and then the engines dies. The seat switch checks out fine. Have used electronic switch cleaner on all switches and plugs without correcting problem.
If I move the drive levers inboard fast enough I can get the mower to move a short distance forward or aft before the engine winds done. With the drive levers outboard I can engage the mower blades briefly before the engine quits.
I haven't been able to find any shorts, and the circuit breaker continuity checks okay.
Could it be one or more of the four DP NO switches located at the bottom of the drive levers which are closed with the drive levers in the start position, and then open when I bring the levers inboard?
I look forward to your answer (solution I hope).
For my future reference, is there an electrical schematic for the ZT7000 (Model 107.27774)?

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Manage My Life
Wiring diagrams are very useful especially in your type of situation. Below I have attached the link to your wiring diagram from a previous post. The model number are the same so this is your diagram. I hope this helps!
by Manage My Life
April 11th, 2011
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