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My Roper REX5635EW1 clothes dryer will not heat.

My Roper REX5635EW1 clothes dryer will not heat. I used an ohm meter to determinew the heating element and heat setting switch are fine. The control also seems to be ok as I have readings from the switch terminals as I run it through the cycle. What else could it be?

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Thank you for the expert advice. I was able to determine from my Internet research that the high limit thermostat is an open/closed condition and it was open. I found the replacement kit online for $4.95 plus shipping at a highly rated vendor.
The old mechanic in me said that if it isn't working I should tear it apart and see why it did. Once apart I saw the bi-metal disk, points, and ceramic pill and couldn't resist cleaning the points and resetting the disk to see if it would work. Of course it did. The new one should arrive tomorrow. Oh how I miss the old days when you could fix things instead of throwing them away and replacing them.

May you have a Blessed day today on this Easter Sunday.
by Manage My Life
April 24th, 2011
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