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I have a Kenmore stove model # 790.71002101 and my oven is not working

I have a kenmore stove model # 790.71002101 and suddenly my oven is not working. The burners will ignite but the oven will not heat up. Is there anything I can troubleshoot to see what the problem is or is it time for a new stove.

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Manage My Life
The good news is there are working burners, the bad news is that is only half of the range needed. I can understand the need to get this fixed quickly. While you wait for the expert, you might check another expert post for your model. I attached below. Hope this helps.
by Manage My Life
April 21st, 2011
Answered in 8 minutes
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Sam A
Thank you for your question.

I can understand wondering if it is time to repair or replace this range.

This range should have some life left in it.

It is possible that the oven control has failed.

The common issue with gas ranges of this age is that the glow bar oven igniter has failed.

If when you turn on the oven and you do get a glow of some kind it will eliminate the oven control.

If you have a meter you can check the oven control by first


and the removing one of the wire contacts to the control and turn the oven control on and check for continuity across the two terminals. If you get a resistance the control is okay. If you do not get any continuity at all the control is bad.

It is fairly easy to replace if you choose to do so.

One way to do a preliminary trouble shooting is to turn the oven on and look for an orange glow in the oven cavity through the side vents.

If the glow is weak or not at all the igniter will have to be replaced to get the oven running again.

I would suggest opening the oven door and removing the racks and then removing the oven bottom.

There is two chrome colored thumb screws at the back of the oven floor that you can remove and then lift the floor from the back and unhook from under the front support to remove.

Then remove the single center nut from the flame spreader to gain access to the igniter and gas valve.

The part number for the igniter is: 5303935066.

The part number for the thermostat is: 316032411.

You can purchase which ever part you need from:

Sears Parts Direct


I hope this information will help you with you range oven problem.

If you need more help please reply and I will be glad to help you.

Thank you for using Manage My Life.
by Sam A Earned 29,003 community points in Kenmore
April 22nd, 2011
Answered in 21 hours
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Manage My Life
by Manage My Life
October 25th, 2012
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Sam A
Thank you for your request for instructions on changing the oven control.

I assume you are referring to the electronic oven and clock control up in the console control panel.

First disconnect all power to the range. Side the range out from the wall and remove the top back panel from the range.
Then locate the back side of the electronic control and remove the four screws that retain the control into the control panel. With the new replacement control in hand move the wire harnesses from the old control to the new control one at a time. Any single wires that may be on the control replace one at a time.
Once you have all the wires changed over to the new control, position the control into the control panel and fasten with the screws you previously removed.

Then reattach the back panel and test operation before sliding it back into position.

I hope these instructions were complete enough for you to accomplish this repair.

Thank you.

Sam A.
by Sam A Earned 29,003 community points in Kenmore
October 25th, 2012
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