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Older storm door replacement parts

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April 27th, 2011

When i bought my house 8 years ago, it already had a Sears Best Storm Door in place (Model #948.65193270). The door and the glass and screens inserts are all still fine. My problem is the plastic inserts that hold the glass and screen panels in place. They have become brittle and are breaking.

I contacted the Sears Storm Door Replacement parts center and they said they no longer carry these parts because the door was from the early 90s. My question: is there a current version of a Sears Storm Door that has strips like this that I could use for my door?

In the pics below, they are a bit hard to see, but they are the cream-color can see they are breaking apart...

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Manage My Life
I'm sorry that you are having difficulties finding the required parts to repair your door. I did some research for you at and found an expert answer to a similar question that may assist you until your expert can respond to your specific question. I have attached the link below. This may be how you will need to go to run down a part that is unavailable. Your expert will answer your specific question shortly. I hope you find this information useful.
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by Manage My Life
April 27th, 2011
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