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Kenmore Elite Grill (16686) infrared side burner not working properly

I love my Kenmore Grill! However, recently the infrared side burner stopped working properly. All other burners work just fine.

I can light infrared side burner as usual, but once I release the control knob (You must hold it in to start any burner on the grill) the flame immediately goes out. Regardless of what setting I hold the knob, there's no gas. If I constantly hold the knob in, it works through all temperature settings. I’ve seared steaks and chicken the last week standing there and holding the knob in….this wears me out :-)

What can I do to fix this or must I buy an entirely new Gas valve at $243? (Part Number: Y0060180).

I’m not afraid to take things apart, but I thought I’d start with this forum before dismantling my entire grill.

Thanx in advance!!


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Manage My Life
A have seen many die hard barbeque chefs but you may win the perseverance prize. I can see this is not something you want to keep interfering with your summer outdoor barbeques. While you wait for the expert to review and respond, you can check two other links below for additional help if you wish. The first link is to a previous expert post for a similar question and the second link is to the owner's manual. Hope some of this information helps.
by Manage My Life
May 12th, 2011
Answered in 11 minutes
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