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Manage My Life

I need a manual for a Kenmore pump system dehumidifier. Type 129-25805, but can't find it at your web site. Can you help?

by Manage My Life Last activity date:
June 14th, 2011
Humidifiers , Kenmore , Appliances
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Answers (4)
Manage My Life
Actually, I just found a Q&A on that has 42292580510 listed as a Sears product number. Although it does not help in finding manuals, we see the model number embedded in the product number.

The Question was comparing the 50 us pint to the 70 us pint models....

See the attached link
by Manage My Life
June 14th, 2011
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Manage My Life
I am in the same boat as Robert. All sources claim it is an invalid model number even I can confirm that the model number provided by Rober is in fact correct and valid.

I've attached a picture to show the label.

I just picked this unit up as a floor model and Sears did not have its manual nor the quick connect for the pump!
Sears parts were no help either because the unit is discontinued.
I was informed I need to go to the manual to get the name of the parts distributor (the company who actually made the Kenmore 25805. With no manual, this is kind of impossible.

So, I am looking for a source the manual and the quick connect male connector (In Canada preferably but I'll look anywhere).
by Manage My Life
June 14th, 2011
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Manage My Life
The model number that you provided is not listed as a valid model for a pump system dehumidifier. Below, I have provided you with a link that you can copy and paste into your web browser that will take you to a list of different models of dehumidifiers. You can view the different model numbers and see if you find a model number that may be similar to yours. I hope this helps.

Here is the link


Click Here
by Manage My Life
May 19th, 2011
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Joseph Perez
I know how important it is to have the owners manual for most of the appliances at home so that you can troubleshoot your appliance properly. While you are waiting for your expert answer, I suggest you add to the thread of this question and include the correct model number of your appliance so that the expert can provide you with a more detailed answer. I did manage to find a link in where you can enter your appliance model number and the owners manual will pop up. I hope my link is useful.
Answered in 16 minutes
by Joseph Perez
May 14th, 2011
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