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Problems with washer Kenmore #2130

by Manage My Life
May 15th, 2011

I have bought this washer for several months now but I am still struggling finding the cycle that works suitable for each load.
For example, if I wash jeans or towel, I will choose "bulky" mode but the clothes came out wet after the cycle is completed so I have to drain it out...giving me more work.

Another problem that I have with this washer is that, it is sensing....sounds good but not working good....for example if I wash pillows, I put 2 pillows in the load, they are light, so when it is sensing, it senses this load is light, after the water is added, and the "wash" light is on, I open the lid to check the water level, it is at the bottom....How can I add water to the load? otherwise the pillows won't get washed thoroughly because the water is only on the bottom.

Another problem is that rinse/spin....after I wash my baby's clothes and I feel like I want to rinse them again (only last rinse not the whole cycle), I turn the knob to "rinse/spin" section because I thought the washer will rinse and spin but after the water is added, it stopped and do nothing...so I have to turn the knob to "drain/spin" to drain and spin them out.

Please give me advice.

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Manage My Life
Washers have gotten very sophisticated but that does not always mean easier to use. It sounds like you have checked the features in the owner's manual and tried to follow the instructions. If the features are not working as advertised I would consider having an experienced technician visit and check the washer if it is under warranty. If after hearing from the expert you feel this may be warranted, you can use the scheduler for Sears Home Services in the link below.
by Manage My Life
May 15th, 2011
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