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black streaks and stains left on my cloths after washing

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May 16th, 2011

I have a ten year old Kenmore front end loading washing machine. Model #417.42142100, Ser.# XC20903109. In the past couple of weeks it has been making louder then usual sounds and it realy sounds bad during the spin cycles. It was still doing a good job washing the clothes.
This past Saterday 05/14/20011, I washed a load of dark clothes and when I the load out I didn't notice any thing wrong. It was not tell after I had washed a load of white clothes that I noticed a lot of black streaks and stains on my white clothes.As I was folding and putting the first load of dark clothes away I then took a better look at my dark clothes and saw more black streaks and stains on them as well.
I was wondering what might cause the black streaks. Maybe a messed up gasket and or seal or a broken pump or something.
The washer has new springs, shocks, hoses, catch basin and timer clock.
Is it something worth fixing or is it a lost cause?
Thank you for your help and time

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Manage My Life
A washer is supposed to clean you clothes not ruin them. So I understand that this situation can be frustrating. Below I have attached some links that may help you out. I hope these links are useful!
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by Manage My Life
May 16th, 2011
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