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Kenmore Calypso washer 110.24082200 is running intermittently during wash/rinse cycles.

by Manage My Life
June 17th, 2011

My Kenmore Automatic Washer (110.2082200) is 8 years old and has always given great service. However, for the last two weeks, it has been starting/stopping/starting/stopping over and over during various portions of the wash and/or rinse cycles. To be more specific, it will run for two seconds, then stop for three seconds, run for three seconds then stop for four seconds, etc. -- totally at random. The first time this happened, I thought maybe the computer board needed a "hard reset", so I unplugged the machine for a couple of minutes, plugged it back in and it resumed working just fine. But within a couple of days it was back to it's "on again, off again" routine and unplugging from the outlet hasn't made any difference since. Curiously, I've also noticed that sometimes the L.E.D. timer will continue counting down the minutes remaining in the cycle, and at other times the display will freeze on a particular number and stop running. Can you help me diagnose the problem and provide me with a remedy that I can perform myself?

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Manage My Life
I can see how frustrating this would be for you, especially when you need to use the machine. While you are waiting for your expert answer, I have found a link that will provide some information and troubleshooting for the problem. I hope this will help you.
by Manage My Life
June 17th, 2011
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