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Washer drain hose doesn't fit in wall drain hole

The house I just moved into has a drain opening in the water for the washer that is only 1 1/4" and my drain hose on the washer is just slightly enough bigger that it won't fit in the hole. Can I insert a 3/4" universal fit all drain hose into the opening of the larger hose and put a round metal clamp that tightens with a screw to fasten them together and insert the 3/4" hose into the drain hole in the wall? Will it be water tight by the clamp and will the 3/4" be large enough to drain all the water out. Both hoses are made of black rubber. The washer is a Maytag heavy duty large capactiy stackable and the house was built around late 1970's. It is a condo with just 4 units off each entrance and the neighbor across the hall has the usual large opening so don't know why mine is much smaller. Thanks for any advice you can give to save me from having to spend money on a plumber.

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Fred M
It will be a tight fit. You might need to install an air gap in the drain hose to prevent a siphon. The requriements of the drain for a washer are in the image below. You can hook the drain up and run a drain cycle to see if the 1 1/4 inch drain can handle the flow.

If if can handle the flow then you still will likely need an air gag to prevent a siphon.
by Fred M Earned 3,805 community points in Maytag
July 2nd, 2011
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