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Kenmore Elite Calypso model#110.2206 out of balance error at 5/6 minutes remaining.
also stayed at 26/27 for quite a while.

by Manage My Life
July 11th, 2011

my problem began 3 weeks after moving (June 16, 2011) into a new home.
Early Friday morning (July 8, 2011) the master bathroom side of the house backed up. Plumber came in to fix and made it worse, causing sewage to flood toilet, tub & shower.
After washing the towels used to clean up the mess, I found what appeared to be debris (like paper) and dirt. So, I rewashed everything. All fine at this point.
the next load of clothes, came out covered in debris, and sand-type of dirt w/the machine flashing errors of of SL and ob.

I cleaned it out the best of my ability and am preforming a 'clean inside of washer' according to instructions in my manuel. It was stuck on 26/27 minutes r for quite a while (I'm certain to clear the lines of suds) but no error messages. now it is going back and forth from 5-6, and third time of error code of 'ob' has appeared; the machine is empty.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.


Kenmore , Washers
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Manage My Life
Washers are appliance that we turn to, to keep our clothes nice and clean. While you are waiting on an expert to answer your question, I was searching your model number and it seems to be in complete. A suggestion I have is to add complete model number to this thread for a better answer from the experts! Hope this helps!
by Manage My Life
July 11th, 2011
Answered in 8 minutes
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