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So frustrated with Craftsman 25cc Gas Blower not starting - model #358.797170 - 2 Cycle

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July 19th, 2011

I have made another post on this piece of machine and starting issues, but am writing a new one to summarize all I have tried to do to get it to start/run. I hear many say Craftsman gas tools aren't made like they used to and are trouble now. I tried to not believe it, but honestly I'm starting to agree. I got this gas leaf blower used cheap and tried to fix it. I would've left it where it was if I knew how much trouble it was. :(

This seems ridiculous that it won't run. Here's what I have done to date. I'm out of ideas/options.

- Changed spark plug - uses CJ-6Y

- Rinsed/cleaned foam air filter - looks fine

- Had to tighten engine block as two main bolts seemed a bit loose probably causing compression issues. Totally fine now. I'm not sure how to check pistons/gaskets, but...

- Completely cleaned spark plug arrestor screen - it was completely caked over with 0 clearance - used wire brush - now looks like new

- Total rebuild of Zama Carbeurator - model # C1Q - W11C 36A. Bought new rebuild kit (RB-47) and replaced all gaskets. Did carb cleaning too.

- Installed new fuel lines. Installed new fuel filter - I did have to enlarge the gas line hole in the tank slightly that accepts the fuel filter as I couldn't find replacement line that matched the old. It's now the same diameter as the fuel line that goes to the inlet in the tank. Lines are tight - no leakage out of the thank.

I checked compression with a tester. Three pulls showed 110, 130, 150...I thought 90+ compression is enough to start.

I used a spark tester. Lit up just fine. If I put a little starter spray in the carb, it'll turn over, but die out.

When I push the primer bulb, it fills up with fuel easily and depresses just fine.

I have no idea how to adjust H/L settings on carb.

I mean geez....what else is left? I won't put anymore $$$$ into it as it's not worth it. It's not that good of a unit. :) However, I did invest some so I hate getting nothing out of my investment to date.

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Manage My Life
It seems like you need some special tool to adjust High and Low carb speed settings. I assume they are pre-set at the factory and should be OK. Would this hinder starting? Seems doubtful. I would think it just wouldn't run as well.

I even replaced small filter screen on carb and put in new inlet and needle. The setting seems similar to before.
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by Manage My Life
July 19th, 2011
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