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Rust spots on clothes after washing

I have a Kenmore Series 800 washer, model # 110.28832700. When I wash clothes in it, not all but 3 or 4 pieces come out with rust stains on them. It is always the same type of stain, about 2 inches long and about 1/4 inch wide. I can't get these stains out of the clothes after using stain removers and washing several times. I have filled my machine with water and soap and let it go through the complete washing cycle without clothes in it several times to clean the machine with no luck. Any help would be great.

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afritz afritz
I understand that you have rust spots on your clothes after washing. I have taken some time to research your question here on the Manage My Life website and I was able to locate a similar question to yours. I attached the link below for you to view while you are waiting on your response from an expert. I hope the link that I provided gets you one step closer to repairing your washer. Have a great day.
by afritz afritz Earned 46,230 community points in Kenmore
July 21st, 2011
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Manage My Life
Hi Susan,

Thank you for submitting a question to Manage My Life.

I am sorry you are having problems with your washer.

Rust is either coming into the washer from the water supply or the washer itself has rust in the tub, or under the main top. You can examine the washer basket for rust spots, and if found try using a rust removal product.

Brown or Reddish Stains


Iron or manganese in the water supply. Avoid using chlorine bleach on rust stains. It will make them darker and more obvious. When iron is dissolved in the water, use granular detergent plus a non-precipitating water conditioner, such as Calgon or Spring Rain. Better results may be obtained by dissolving detergent and water conditioner in the wash before adding the clothes. Be certain that all clothes are down into the water before starting washer. If the iron is suspended in the water (it will settle out), attach a rust filter to the faucet and inlet hoses or to the water line. If iron or manganese stains are a recurring problem, the customer may need a special filter or chemical feeder installed in the home to remove these minerals from the water supply.

To remove:

Launder with RoVer Rust Remover Part No. 057961 using the directions below:

Top loading washers: Fill the washer with water (no detergent), selecting a temperature suitable for the fabric (hot or warm). Add 1/3 cup RoVer and let it dissolve by agitation. Add clothes and allow washer to complete the cycle. Follow up with an additional wash with detergent.

Colored fabrics:

Dissolve one teaspoon of RoVer in a cup of water.

Place one drop of this solution on a hidden area of the item, making sure it penetrates the fabric.

Let dry. If there is no change in color, RoVer should not damage the item. Follow the directions for the specific washer.

Stubborn stains:

These may be removed by soaking articles in a solution of 1/3 cup RoVer and five gallons of water. Do not use a galvanized tub for soaking as RoVer will damage galvanized iron.

I hope this is helpful. If I may be of further assistance as more details become available, please reply to this post.

Thanks again for using Manage My Life.

by Manage My Life
July 22nd, 2011
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