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ronald sconza

door ajar red light on. model FKFH21F7HWB

by ronald sconza Last activity date:
July 25th, 2011

freezer is working,and holding temp. just red light on and alarm. turned freezer off and back in 5 times same problem.

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Answers (2)
Manage My Life
The red light and alarm on your freezer is not a door ajar alarm. This is a freezer temperature alarm. The control on the freezer thinks the temperature inside the freezer is above 39 degrees.

Since the freezer temperature is good, the electronic control in the door or the sensor that mounts on the evaporator coil inside the freezer might have failed.

This problem can also be caused by a poor connection on a wire.

Disconnect the power to the freezer for 2-3 seconds and reconnect. This will cause the control to reset itself. If the alarm remains on I recommend you go to

Home Services

and get a Sears technician to repair the freezer.
by Manage My Life
July 25th, 2011
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afritz afritz
I know how important it is to have a good working freezer in the home so that you can keep your food nice and fresh. While you are waiting for an expert answer, I did manage to find a link that will provide you with some good tips to help you with your freezer problem. I hope my link is useful.
Answered in 13 minutes
by afritz afritz
July 23rd, 2011
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