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How can I get my LG TV to turn on?

I have a LG TV, model number 37LC2D. It's 4-5 years old. About ~2 weeks ago, it started taking ~30 seconds to turn on - the green light on front would blink for a while, then go on solid, then after another ~15 seconds, the screen would flash white a couple times, and then it would finally connect to the HD cable box. Unfortunately, a few days ago it just started turning itself off, and finally we now can no longer turn it on at all (for a day or so, the green light would come, but the screen would just never turn on - now I can't even get the green light to come on).

I tried the suggestion I got from LG, which was to unplug it, hold the power button for 30 seconds, then plug it back in, but that didn't work. I also unplugged it, waited a while (e.g. for it to cool down), then plugged it back in, but no success there either.

My quick Google search suggested maybe it overheated, e.g. blew a capacitor or some board (several people complained of the same issue on LG LCD TV's, and that appeared to be the consensus for the cause). I'd like to take a shot at repairing it, before going to buy a replacement. Sears said they'd charge $100 just to come take a look, with no estimate on likely charge to actually do the repair. The local Sears repair shop said they'd be happy to sell me parts to try repairing it myself, and suggested I check this site for help. Any thoughts on what the problem might be, what parts I should order, and how I could try fixing it? I'm not the handiest person in the world, but I'd like to give it a shot, and would appreciate any help you can offer.


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Joseph Perez
I know how important it is to have a good working television in the home so that you can stay updated with the news. While you are waiting for your expert answer, I did manage to find a link that will provide you with some good information to help you with your question. I hope my link is useful.
by Joseph Perez
August 9th, 2011
Answered in 8 minutes
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