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oil or gas leak onto air filter of mower, do I just change filter or do I have a problem?

700 series Briggs and Stratton mower model # 917.374541 There appears to be a leak which is dripping off the filter area. Removed the filter and there isn't any clear leak from gas line appears dry. The filter is greasy along lower third and has dripped onto body while sitting between mowings.

Is this normal? Is there to much oil? Does not appear to be above the area on dip stick.

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Okay, that's most likely going to be coming from the crankcase breather. That could fail just because it failed or it could be a blown head gasket causing excessive pressure in the crankcase. Remove the spark plug and see what the tip looks like. If the tip is gunked up with oil and sticky residue then it's very likely a head gasket giving the problem.
by Manage My Life
August 11th, 2011
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