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Treadmill belt won't turn

ProForm XP weight loss 620

Mod # 831.24755.0

Serial # V84C 51366

Treadmill will power on, all displays function, incline motor functions, tread belt/motor will not turn on own (though I can rotate belt with hands...)

Treadmills , Running
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This could be a situation with the motor and/or motor controller board. To test the motor you will need a volt meter. Unplug the treadmill from the wall and then remove the motor hood. Disconnect the red and black leads from the motor at the controller board. Connect the meter leads to the motor leads (red to red/black to black) and set the meter to read DC volts. Then plug the treadmill into the wall and put the safety key onto the treadmill but DO NOT press any other buttons. Have the meter arranged where you can see it as you stand on the treadmill.

Once you have the meter where you can see it, start walking on the treadmill. Do not press any buttons, just start walking on it. The readout on the treadmill console should read the speed you are making the treadmill go. When it gets to 3MPH look at the meter and see what the DC voltage is. The treadmill motor will act as a generator and will "make" electricity when you walk because the belt is forcing the motor to turn. At 3MPH the motor should generate 28VDC, anything less than that and the motor is bad.

If the motor tests good then we can be pretty certain the controller board has failed. If the motor test shows less than 28VDC then the motor is bad and will need to be replaced.

You can go


with the model number to order whichever parts shows to have failed.

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August 29th, 2011
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